"Win on 1st ITCC round"



ITCC Seat Leon Results after 1st Round ITCC Touring class: Qualifing: 1st ; First Race: 1st ; Second Race: 2nd down to Mondello officials mistake (these are their own words). That was very good day for us and we are happy after all. Car is brilliant. I would like to thank Sportchip Team for great job as always. Double celebration today are Marcin Blitek birthday and we made cake surprise for him from Sportchip Team

"Our new project Seat Leon ITCC 2015"



ITCC Seat Leon Tomorrow first round of ITCC and it seems like we can still make some improvements. It might sound strange, but this is Grzegorz debut as a driver in flat racing. We put a lot of heart into this project, thanks to Adam Evil, Marlena Kaminska-Kalinecka, Marcin Mbx Blitek, Marzena Grzegorzewska, Miros³aw Piórkowski, Daniel Holdforth and Marek Wyrzykowski. The car is exciting and fast.

"Went trough hell for great 2nd place at Lydden Hill"



ECU DPF removal Great success, finished race at Lydden Hill in 2nd place. In final B Grzegorz passed everyone from the back of the grid and finished first which qualifed him for final A. In final A lancia got to do it again from the back of the grid got to come second and pushed Rob Gibson to the very end of the race. That was tough but also amazing weekend. All guys from Retro where driving flat out and they gave fantastic performance. Bad luck for Lydden is oficially over we are back in the game and looking forward to Grand Prix in Croft at October.

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