Power Box for all Diesel engines (cars, vans, tractors)

Diesel modules are a category of products of which the principle of operation is based on modification of the control signals and signals from the sensors outside the engine computer (ECU).

[Rozmiar: 4034 bajtów]The offered solutions have been developed in such a way, that the effects of their operation are similar to the effects of ecu remapping. rolex replica sale Such modifications are sometimes the only possible ones - e.g. if the car computer is single-programmed and non-reprogrammable, if the engine is controlled parametrically on the basis of simple logical circuits instead of a microcontroller. Modules can be very easily installed and removed from the car. fake patek philippe It usually takes just a few minutes. PowerBox is a digital solution that improves a diesel engine performances by approx. 20% - 25% in a wide range of revolutions. Works with injector pump and VP37/VP44 diesel engines

[Rozmiar: 4034 bajtów]We introduce a new group of boxes that's support John Deere tractors. fake hublot They allow to increase the power and torque, and its speed at full load for about 3-5 km / h. Contrary to appearances, this is a very significant gain for the farmer, because it allows him assuming that he works 10-hours a day driving across the field for about 30 to 50 km more than previously, and hence - handle a much larger area. It is easy to calculate that the monthly gap could be increased by approximately 600-1000 km, assuming working only 20-day a month. This box is giving you real significant savings!