What is ECU Remap / Chip tuning
[Rozmiar: 14684 bajtów]A car powered by the injection system uses a device called electronic control unit (ECU). ECU is a specialised computer responsible for the parameters of the engine performance under every condition of car speed and load. To ensure that parameters are correct under every condition, a map of fuel supply and ignition control is available for the ECU. This map specifies approximate values of power supply and steering for current conditions in the engine (revolutions and the negative pressure in the collector. A special program, also recorded in the ECU, converts this map and corrects it according to the data provided by the indications of the lambda probe, knocking combustion probe and some other sensors. Parameters recorded in the ECU, as well as the program, have been designed by the producer at a level lower than optimal. There are three main reasons for such a situation:
    * Firstly, sometimes, a car must operate for a long time despite occasional control damages, it is supplied with poor quality fuel (in general, each European car is calibrated for 91 octane, except French and English cars – 94 octane), or fed with inferior quality oils and maintenance materials. On the one hand, the margin of safety assumed by the manufacturer prevents from any damages caused by the users, who do not look well after their cars and do not provide them with appropriate service, but on the other hand it results in substantial fuel consumption and a decrease in the engine power. chanel replica sale This margin amounts to not less than 15 % for cars without air–compressors and about 50 % (i.e. half of the power!) for cars with air-compressor (quoted after: GM / Opel).
    * A car has to operate at a low fuel consumption level – however, as the international standards determine the test speed rates (i.e. at 90 and 120 k.p.h), manufacturers are making their best to reduce the possible performance and, consequently, fuel consumption at these speed rates in 4th and 5th gear, thus creating artificial "gaps in acceleration". Big limitations imposed on the revolution range below 3000 r.p.m. are intended at improving the city drive performance – however, the car suffers from a much worse engine response. As you know, people tend to buy vehicles, which are economical – at least by the name. That is why the acceleration is of secondary importance to an average customer, which results in car manufacturers using the strategy described above.
    * Cars (or to be more precise – their owners) all over Europe are troubled by taxation. The majority of the cars offered on the German market are characterised by the power lower than their counterparts on Japanese or American markets – despite the same torque. chanel replica The same 1400cc Vtec Honda engines available in Germany show power of 75 KM, whereas 75 or 90 KM if available in Poland. In Japan, the same engine is capable of 100 KM. All that depends just on the tax thresholds...
But you do not have to lose this power for ever! If you look after your car properly, and do not forget to replace oil, filters, and cartridges, if you use at least 95-octane fuels from reliable filling stations – we will give you a chance to take back the horsepower the manufacturers of your car refused to allow you. You can make your car stronger by about 10 per cent, or even by as many as 30 per cent (cars with turbines) just through application of an appropriate power chip. replica watches sale You will retain your old chip, in case you want to e.g. sell your car. A number of our power chips enable you to turn them off while driving to restore the original settings, or conversely – to turn them on and leave the crossroads faster than anybody else.
[Rozmiar: 12542 bajtów] As you can see, ecu remapping means a replacement of the computer software (and to be more precise, the chip containing the original control software, by a new one with a new program) which controls the engine. It is intended at obtaining higher efficiency, power, and torque, and possibly slightly decreasing fuel consumption when driving in unchanged style. New control programs are developed by our company in Longford.